Initiation into Mathematics 2013, Kerala
April 29 – May 11, 2013
Funded by the NBHM
Department of Mathematics, Sanatana Dharma College, Alappuzha

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can apply for this workshop?
  2. Any 2nd year/4th semester student studying in BSc/Integrated MSc course with mathematics as one of their subjects of study can apply.
  3. I am studying in 4th Semester B.Sc. Physics / Integrated M.Sc. Mathematics programme. Can I apply?
  4. Yes, provided that you are studying Mathematics as one of the subjects in your academic programme.
  5. Will accommodation/local hospitality be provided to all the participants?
  6. Yes, the organizers will provide accommodation/local hospitality to all the participants. The accommodation will be provided for the participants in S D College hostels close to the college.

  7. Why don't you permit 1st year BSc students to participate in this workshop?
  8. We are planning to conduct this programme for the next few years provided we get the financial support from NBHM. In that case, the 1st year students will be able to apply for the programme next year.
  9. Who is organizing this programme?
  10. The Department of Mathematics @ the Sanatana Dharma College, Alappuzha is organizing this workshop with the help of a set of dedicated teachers from various nearby institutes. We are supported by academicians from various institutes/colleges like Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST) (Thiruvananthapuram) MSM College (Kayamkulam), BJM Govt. College (Chavara, Kollam).
  11. What should I do for participating in the workshop?
  12. Follow these steps:
    1. Get the application form + instructions from the Head of the Mathematics Department of your Institute/College. You may also download the form, recommendation form, and instructions from the programme website
    2. Fill it completely following the instructions
    3. Get it attested by the HOD of your Mathematics Department/ or by one of your maths teachers
    4. Get the recommendation form filled by one of your maths teachers who know well your mathematical background. Request your teacher to put it in an envelope, seal it, and return to you.
    5. Send the filled application form, recommendation form by post to the address The Programme Co-ordinator, Department of Mathematics, Sanatana Dharma College, Alappuzha 688 003, Kerala so as to reach us on or before 10th March 2013.
    6. Check the programme website on 15th of March 2013 for the selection list. If your name is appearing in the list, you will receive intimation from us by 30th March 2013.
    7. f. Send a confirmation message by 10th April 2013 via email/SMS to the organizers. Use one of the phone numbers given below for sending confirmation sms to us.
    8. You will also get a form of undertaking with the selection letter. You have to fill this undertaking and get it signed by your parent. With this signed undertaking, reach the programme venue in the afternoon of 28th of April, before 5 PM. If you are residing close to the venue, you may also commute from your residence to the workshop venue daily. In that case, with the signed form of undertaking, you should report at the programme venue on 29th April by 8AM.
    No applicant will be allowed to participate in the programme unless they produce the properly filled/signed undertaking when they reach the programme venue on the first day.

    Also, you must bring the identity card issued by your institute/college with you.

  13. Will every applicant be selected for the programme?
  14. No. Only 45 applicants will be selected. The selection is purely based on merit coupled with the feedback we get from the head of your mathematics department/ one of your math teacher. The workshop is entirely different from the regular classroom teaching, and the teachers will have to pay individual attention to the students. That is why we have decided to keep the number of participants to be 45. Out of this, we expect at least 5 participants to be from hosting institution.
  15. Do I have to pay any fee for participating in this workshop?
  16. NO. In fact, the programme will reimburse your travel expenses (sleeper/2nd class railway fare/bus fare by the shortest route) and will also give free lodging and food from 28th April afternoon to 12th May morning.
  17. Can I participate in the programme for just one week?
  18. No. The participants are supposed to be present for the full duration two weeks. Remember that, this is not a regular routine teaching programme where your final goal is more or less to get good grades in the final pass certificate. Dedication and complete participation is a must if you want to get any benefit out of this programme.
  19. Will there be any course certificate given for this programme?
  20. Yes. The participants will be distributed certificates on the last day of the programme.
  21. Can I bring mobile phone with me?
  22. You can bring it, but you must keep it in switched off mode during 9:00AM to 5:00PM to avoid any inconvenience; both to you, and to the other participants.
  23. How can I get more information about the venue/programme schedule?
  24. In several says. You may visit our website or mail us or talk to the programme co-ordinator/academic co-ordinator. We will be happy to talk more about the programme.
  25. Is there any scholarship available for the participants (after the programme) for pursuing higher studies in mathematics? No, there will not be any scholarship for the students after their successful completion of the programme.
  26. Will the programme help the students in getting jobs? Getting admissions in good institutions?
  27. The main aim of the programme is to train the students so that they can work independently, achieve a high level of confidence in the learning/understanding mathematics and to give them a global perspective about Mathematics. This programme is not meant to be a job-training programme. However, the knowledge and attitude acquired during the programme, if sustained and further cultivated by the participants, should help them achieve better goals in academic career. It is also envisaged if the participants choose the teaching profession, they will be able to impart mathematical knowledge in a more interactive manner and motivate students for further study.
  28. What will be the schedule for the workshop?
  29. Every day, classes will start at 9:00AM. There will be four lecture sessions every day, two each in the morning and the afternoon. A discussion session also will be there in the morning during which the students can discuss the topics lectured and clarify their doubts with the help of the resource persons available in the classroom.

    There will be a brief inaugural ceremony on 29th April morning, and a closing ceremony + certificate distribution function on 11th Afternoon.

  30. How do I know whether my application has been accepted?
  31. We will publish the list of selected participants in the programme website on 15th March 2013. We will also contact the selected participants by email/phone/post.
  32. My name appears in the selection list, but I have not received any letter from you so far. What should I do?
  33. We are really sorry for this. We would have definitely sent you the selection letter. Kindly contact the programme co-ordinator/academic co-ordinator immediately via email/phone so that we can resend the selection letter. You may even download the form of undertaking from the programme website; get it signed by your parent, and reach the programme venue with this letter on 28th April before 5pm if your name is appearing in the list. It is not necessary that you wait for our letter/call, if your name is appearing in the selection list.
  34. Do I get any medical facilities near to the venue in case of an emergency?
  35. Yes. Alappuzha has several good hospitals close to the venue. As the organizers, we will provide you maximum possible care in emergency situations.
  36. Is the workshop venue Kayamkulam easily accessible via train?
  37. The railway station Alappuzha (Alleppey - Railway code ALLP) is in the middle of Thiruvananthapuram-Kollam-Alappuzha – Ernakulam Rail route. All the trains to/from Thiruvananthapuram via Alappuzha do stop here. So accessing Alappuzha is very easy. After getting down, you may have catch another local bus to reach the venue which is at a distance of around 4 KMs from the railway station. If you catch an autorikshaw to reach the venue from the Alappuzha Railway station, you may have to pay around `60-70. If you want to use bus service, almost all kinds of buses (Fast Passenger/Super Fast Buses of the KSRTC) passing through the National Highway 47 (NH47) stops in front of the venue. Alappuzha Bus Station is at a distance of around 4KMs from the college. S D College is on the national highway NH 47 linking Thiruvananthapuram-Kollam-Alappuzha-Ernakulam.
  38. Are you planning to conduct any tour programme during the workshop?
  39. Not right now; but we may do so. Please keep visiting the website for updates. Anyway, if we are organizing such a programme, for participating in this tour programme, you should get the prior permission of your parent.
  40. Can you say something about the way the training is carried out? How are the courses different from the ones we have at the colleges?
  41. Radically different. In fact, it takes about a few days for the participants to get used to our way of doing things. The faculty is from various leading institutions of the country and is not confined to the organizing institute. People who are experts in the field, who are known for their teaching and have a commitment towards high quality mathematics in India, are chosen to give the courses. As a rule each course is taught by a single expert. This paves the way for better interaction between the faculty and students and also imparts a perspective of the field among the students. The faculty is requested to be present for all the sessions - not for their sessions only! In the problem sessions all students are asked to do problems. All the resource persons will actively help the students during the problem sessions. The teachers identify the difficulties of the individual students. Giving individual attention is one of the unique features of this programme.

    The teacher keeps on asking questions, sometimes well-formulated, sometimes vague, to give you a taste of how mathematics is discovered. He most often develops a proof from the ideas given by the students and asks them to write in the way a text book will present it.

    There will be a great deal of pressure on you to think on your own and take active participation in the course. Unless you are really keen and ready to work very hard, please do not apply for the programme. For, in the past, many students were totally shaken by our approach and were unable to cope with the pressure. But if you are seriously interested in pursuing higher mathematics, this programme will be immensely useful to you.

    The programme also provides a platform for students with (culturally and mathematically) varied back-ground to come together and interact with peers and experts in the field. This serves two purposes: i) the participants come to know where they stand academically and what they have to do to bring out their full potential and ii) they establish a rapport with other participants and teachers which help them shape their career in mathematics.

  42. Are there tests at the end of the programme?
  43. It is our belief that one should learn mathematics for its own sake and for the love of it rather than focusing one's attention on the tests.
  44. What subjects are taught? Are they pure or applied?
  45. The emphasis is on the pure mathematics. The courses are on set theory, algebra, analysis, and number theory. The medium of instruction is English. It is very essential that the participants should be able to communicate in English, at least in mathematics.
  46. By the way, you have mentioned in your announcement poster that you are receiving support from MTTS. What is MTTS?
  47. MTTS is a prestigious training programme which is being organized at the national level for last two decades. You may find more information about MTTS from its website In fact, we are afraid that, from that site, you may find that many of the questions and answers in this FAQ are taken from the MTTS site!


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  • Thanks a lot to all the participants, resource persons, the college management, volunteers, and others who supported the workshop whole heartedly to make it a big success!
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